In 1996 Pauline Sheppard wrote a stage play "Dressing Granite" that enjoyed
a highly successful tour of theatres and arts centres in Cornwall and the South
West of England.

Ten years (and several drafts) later Cornwall Film (the film agency
funded by Objective One) became involved in developing the screenplay, through its Target Talent scheme.

At the end of 2006 Laura Hardman and Bill Scott formed Bedrock Films and
began pre-production. The film was shot over 30 days in March 2007 using
locations in West Cornwall and completed by the end of June. The film had its premiere at the Cornwall Film Festival on 9th November 2007. Afetr a series of successful cinema and festival screenings, the DVD was released on 1st December 2009.

Read an article about the film which appeared on the BBC Website 



“Brilliantly made...a very moving piece of cinema ...a raw emotional truth runs through the film like a rich lode...wonderfully moving performances by some of Cornwall's leading actors...never sentimental but always warm and beautifully
underplayed...forget what you've heard about Cornwall - this is Cornish life as
it’s really lived.” - BBC Cornwall

“A film that grips the imagination . . . an utterly convincing portrayal of life in the remote Cornish hinterland . . . a totally rewarding and absorbing film that both entertains and makes you think.” - Cornwall Life

“A brilliantly made and very moving piece of cinema”  - West Briton

“A really searching exploration of a complicated man living a simple life: a film which speaks a Cornish truth without wearing it about its neck.” – Bert Biscoe

***** (Overall Audience Rating on Cornwall Film Festival Website).

”Really enjoyed seeing a story set in Cornwall…cinematography was
solid…music was terrific… memorable performances … the feeling and mood of the piece is still with me after a couple of days, so the film got in there”. – Michael Wiese

"Definitely the best movie to originate in Cornwall. Brilliant script, great
acting, camerawork and editing. A+!" - Rod Toms

“A wonderful film…the music was brilliant and inspired…a total treat.”  - Victoria Field

Audience Feedback via the Website

“A gripping and enchanting tale…unbelievable what can be achieved with such a small budget!”

“Really enjoyed this film. Heart warming story, great cinematography.”

“An excellent film from every aspect – congratulations! "

"A very poignant film that made me cry and laugh. Very good for anyone taking care of older folk."

“Extraordinary. I liked the tempo and the overall mood of the piece. It manages to have sentiment without being sentimental, it looks good without being 'pretty', it had a seam in itself that ran through it and made it true."

“The story was very thought provoking and emotional, but it had that wonderful thread of Cornish humour!”